Hi! Thank you so much for reading this far. Hate to tell you this, but El Indon is on an indefinite hiatus... I know, right? Hiatus, the webcomic black plague. The worst word in the toolbox.

I had to do it to El Indon for a few reasons. One, I got burnt out and the comic became painfully un-fun. It was showing in the art, so I had to take a break. Two, I was out of buffer and had too much other work to catch up on. Three, I was now doing Ask The Werewolves on the side, and it was not only more fun, it ate into my available time.

And last, most unfortunately … I'm self-employed, and I need money, and El Indon didn’t make any money. ATW sells shirts and comics, and Patreon earns a small monthly income, but El Indon prints never sold a single unit. I never ran ads on the site (I don’t like running ads at all), and a printed collection would cost more to make than it would earn back in sold copies. Essentially, even making one page per week became a waste of my time, because that was time I could be spending on a commission, or a new ATW, or a new comic gig, things that actually made money. Things that would help me eat food. It became a little absurd to keep going, at that point.

I’m still working on it. I gutted most of the script’s second half because I reread it and found it painfully cliché. I might bring back older ideas I had early in development, revise whole characters, change the nature of the ending. That’s the trouble with being a workaholic and a perfectionist - you end up working on Valve Time.

It’ll come back, though. I submitted El Indon to Hiveworks, and it was a finalist for consideration, but they turned it down. With less of an audience and less opportunity for revenue, that means it’ll be back later rather than sooner. But if you loved reading this story as much as I did writing it, keep an eye out. You can follow me on Tumblr/Twitter, follow Ask The Werewolves on Tumblr, or check my other projects at my other URL, jdlaclede.com.

Thank you, and I'll see you again.