Trade: Kindler (creating, wielding, and harnessing fire)

Origin: A cold lumbering town far up north.

Ashley is by and large an extremely approachable and friendly person, if a little eccentric. This pilgrimage is her first time away from home, and it also happens to be the most important mission of her life, so while she is nervous and doubts herself, she is also eager to see and learn all she can. Her closest confidante is the flame she carries, named Roth. Although still untested, she seems to be an immensely talented Kindler… but talking to her lantern is taking it a bit too far…



Trade: Tailor (stitching, sewing, and working with clothes)

Origin: A seaside town in a warm climate.

Patch is ... kind of a jerk. He’s abrasive, curt, and self-centered. He’s very distrusting of others, though he probably has a good reason for that. Despite his attitude, nobody would deny that he’s a Tailor of exceptional promise, able to hold his own under the most intense pressures. Even though he can be a rock for others to hang on, he still needs help every now and again — but he has a streak of pride that hampers that.



Trade: Jeweler?

Origin: Unknown

This small blue creature is full of mysteries. Mute, mouthless, and surprisingly generous with his (her? its?) treasures, he seems to be friendly enough. No one’s sure exactly what he is, or where he came from, but he definitely stands out. For the moment, he’s more of a curiosity than a traveling companion.



Trade: Danger

Origin: Unclear

Who’s this guy?



Trade: Theft

Origin: Suspicious

I don’t know about him...



Trade: Warrior (the art of killing)

Origin: The distant south.

A colonel in the Throne's vast army. Warriors aren't a common sight anymore, much less ones that use swords in an army full of guns, but a person doesn't rise to the rank of colonel without good reason. Duncan is strict, and direct, and fairly quiet. He doesn't have much to say, and there's not much to be said, except warnings. Duncan often has his monstrously big glawackus, named Buck, in his company. That's another reason to approach him with considerable caution.