What is this?

El Indon is a comic that can be read on the Internet.

In this world, people make their way by mastering the powers of a Trade, an occupational skill. Tradespeople are raised and trained by Guilds and Guildmasters, and at the center of these Guilds is the holy city of El Indon. Every Tradesperson who wishes to move from amateur to professional must visit El Indon to become an Apprentice... and that's where our story goes a bit awry.

In this story, some Bad Things have happened, and characters need to find out why/how. Hopefully we’ll have some laughs and cheers and tears along the way. This story is NOT about video games, couches, elves, or stick figures, so if you were expecting any of those, I am glad to disappoint you.

If you're a new reader, the first page is a good place to start. A new page is added every Monday, with more pages through the week when I am able. You can follow the RSS feed to be informed of updates. I also post about new updates on Tumblr and on my Twitter feed.

Who are you?

I’m JD. I write, draw, and color this comic.

What else do you do?

I make Ask The Werewolves, a blog where you can ask werewolves about werewolves. Also, please consider chipping in on my Patreon. More support means more content, and that's always a good thing.

How was this made?

Every page of this comic is drawn 100% digitally, in Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop CS6. The tablet I use is a Wacom Intuos4.

This website is made with Grawlix, a CMS application designed specifically for webcomics. You can find out more at getgrawlix.com and support the developers through their Patreon.

The font used for the comic is Chinacat by Gavin Lawson.

Where can I contact you?

Please send emails to jd (at) el-indon (dot) com.